Step 1

Click on Begin-E filing

You can begin income tax e-filing on your own. You must be very clear about your income sources

Click on CA Assisted

Alternatively, you can get an expert to file taxes for you

Step 2

Select your source of income

  • Salary

  • Choose this option if your only source of income is a regular job and your salary at the end of the year is more than ₹2,50,000.

  • Business

  • Choose this option if you earn your income from a small business, are a trader, contractor or shopkeeper. you can also report Presumptive income

  • House Property

  • Choose this option if you earn from at least one residential building or pay interest on a home loan. You can claim tax deductions for the latter.

  • Foreign Income

  • Choose this option if you receive remittances or interest from investments abroad. Consult our CA to save as much as possible.

  • Other Sources

  • Choose this option if you have received gifts, hold a Fixed Deposit account or Provident Fund, earnings from these will also be counted as income.

  • Capital Gain

  • Choose this option if you have transacted in stocks or real estate in the previous year. Consult our CA to get the right use for your money.

Step 3

Upload Form 16

upload your form 16 and file return in one click

Alternative-Click on Manual Filing

you can file your return manually ,Enter your pan number

Step 4

Enter your details

  1. Enter your Personal Information
  2. Enter your Sources of Income
  3. Enter your Deductions under different sections

  4. Enter Tax Paid Details-TDS,TCS etc

  5. Enter Tax Filing Details , other Information required to file return


Report of your ITR will be generated you can download it as word or pdf format and file Successfully

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