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The registered office of a company or LLP is the principal place of business activities.The registered address of the company must always be an effective address for receiving necessary communications and all official correspondence from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

The registered office of a Company or LLP can be changed within the local limits of any city, town or village where such office is situated by just giving a notice to the concerned Registrar within 30 days after the date of the change. But if the registered office is changed from one village, town, city to another within a state then a special resolution will be required .But when the registered offices is changed from one State to another State then a special resolution along with the confirmation of the Company Law Board is required. In addition to this, an advertisement in the newspapers indicating the proposed change and also a notice is to be given to the State Government.

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Registered Office Change


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Legal Suvidha Providers can help change the Registered Office address of your company quicly and easily. The procedure for changing the Registered Office of a company depends on the nature of change. Our Experts will advice you on the procedure relevant for you.

Documents required for change in Registered Office

Copy of Board Resolution.

Proof of Ownership of premises e.g: Copy of Utility Bill like electricity bill, Water tax receipt etc.

Lease deed, if premises is rented or NOC if it owned by some other person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Forms to be filed for changing the Company Address?
Form INC -22.

What is time limit to file change of office address documents with ROC?
ROC must be notified of the change in Registered Office by filing the appropriate documents within 30 days of change of Registered Office premises.

What actions need to be taken after shifting of registered office address of Company?
The Name Plate mentioning the address has to be modified, the Letterhead of the Company has to be changed, the Statutory Register has to be shifted to the new registered office, Shop Act License & PAN card need to be altered.

What records must be maintained at the registered office of the company?
All books of accounts shall be kept at the registered office of the company.But if they are kept at any other place, then company shall send a notice in writing to the registrar of that place.

Can the registered office be the residence of one of the Directors?
Yes, the Registered Office of a Company or LLP can be the residence of one of the Directors or Managing Partners.

What are the different ways to change the registered office?
• Change of Registered Office from one place to another place within the limit of the same city, town or village.
• Change of registered office to a place outside the local limits of the existing place but within the same state under the jurisdiction of the same Registrar of Companies.
• Change of registered office to a place from the jurisdiction of one registrar to that of another registrar within the same state.
• Change of registered office from one state to another.


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